I usually do a recap of the year every December. But since I haven’t written much this year, this recap is really going to be about me trying hard to recall the details – big and small – before they fade with memory.  Since it’s a long list and since the blog post number has … Continue reading 2015


Given that I was away from the blog for most part of 2014 and that December was fairly busy itself, I never got to pen my year-end post. And then I came across this feature on HuffPost which served as a good starting point for this post. Thinking through the below 30 questions about the … Continue reading Time

Flipping Through

Priyam tagged me in a post which took me to the time when I looked forward to blogging because of all the friends that I had made through this medium. I lost some, I kept many. About them, another day. For now, I am taking up the tag. I have done this multiple times in … Continue reading Flipping Through

Something New

Earlier this year, I was part of a workshop which was about social styles in the work environment. The assessment of my style and what was said about it was not just accurate, but also a little amusing. Well, amusing because people make fun of some things I do, but then it really is very … Continue reading Something New