Do It Right!

This post is here because Gati, the express cargo delivery company has left me highly impressed with its services. I was a little apprehensive, but still sent home most of my belongings via Gati because lugging it all even on train would not have been a good idea. Because of a group deal, they came … Continue reading Do It Right!

Window View

While I lay sprawled on my bed with the laptop sitting in front, an unconscious gaze out the window with a half-drawn curtain made for the most beautiful moment of the day. I am not sure if that was for the previous day, or for the day that was to begin, but the 5:00 am … Continue reading Window View


If there was another thing which I believe I would never have done if not here in Pune, it was last night’s experience. Some incident in the recent past made the illegal dhabas at the foot of our hill a little inaccessible. So now one needs to walk down the hill, exit the campus, and … Continue reading Threesome

‘Aye Ladki!’

So! The party I mentioned in the previous post. It was supposed to be a pseudo farewell for us. Half the people were not attending, and I too went only because I felt like partying and for no other reason. Of course, I also had to wear that dress which had been in my cupboard … Continue reading ‘Aye Ladki!’