I need to count a few things, and therefore: It took me two weeks to finally respond to the 7:00 a.m. alarm, but I did! I went for a run with one of the dogs on campus after that. I know I have no stamina whatsoever, but whatever gets the heart pumping and sweat going… … Continue reading Anchored

The Wednesday Mood

I’m in a better mood today. So I shall amend yesterday’s thought to some men. Happy things in the day so far:Fun accessories.Happy comments on my pictures.The creep is not in office for a few hours. Peace.I have found some people to talk to at work. Took almost a month.We’re half-way through the week. Weekend’s … Continue reading The Wednesday Mood

Corporate Culture

It’s a phase where I am getting bogged down by the legacy of a brand that I carry with myself wherever I go. I thought I washed it out when I joined my present college, but turns out I was wrong. I know I can be enthused by this fact and use it to my … Continue reading Corporate Culture


It has been about a week since I put up that ‘people who think they know it all really annoy those of us who do” poster in my room. And there have been incidents everyday since then that have made me repeat it. Maybe this is why people go to my friends (the ones who … Continue reading Grr