9 thoughts on “Grr”

  1. hehehe… i like that line…I should put that up in my cubicle too !!!Thankfully outside we do not have to really fight about who is from Delhi or UP or how they are or how they work.. but the difference is kind of obvious at times :PPar ye irritating creatures ko tu itta bhaw kyon deti hai… chidte hain saare tujhse πŸ™‚ marne de


  2. Hehe… yea, put it up! It’s funny every time I look at it. :DThe difference IS obvious at times, but yaar ye to hadh hai na. Mujhe to pata bhi nahi main kab rude hui. πŸ˜›


  3. I am not sure I like that line… it’s too full of pride. But if it’s on a poster/t-shirt and not on anyone’s brain, I guess it’s in humor. And I don’t like branding of any kind… leave aside “typical rude woman from Delhi” kinds.


  4. SubhadipIt’s humour bhai. It’s supposed to be funny. And a big thank you for that! RajtilakI shall visit soon. πŸ™‚SkeetsMaar di goli ji. Aur bolo.


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