Shut Up!

3 thoughts on “Shut Up!”

  1. We should have another word for friendly non-sexual love. Otherwise it might get a little weird, if you go on saying, “I love you” to all your friends.But till the time we find another word, spread the love.


  2. Since it’s been a while, first of all, happy new year. :-)I’m not gonna ask u how u’ve been. Instead i shall attempt to read all your posts n try to catch up on what i’ve missed. :-pAnd well….i love u too i guess. :-p


  3. SubhadipExactly!! Kuch jald hi dhoondna padega.TaniaArre!! How have you been, girl?Should I ask about the B-school exams?Oh, happy new year to you too. 🙂 And thanks for the love. :DIt’s real nice to have you back. Stick around this time. 🙂


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