The year could not have been better as far as travel is concerned. The places, the terrains, the people, the streets, and the colours….across the country…with family, friends, colleagues, and even strangers… made up for tales to tell and memoirs to keep for years to come.  Continue reading 2012

‘Pool of Watery Images’

The previous post made me realise that most of my outings this year were water-related. The almost-rough monsoon waves of the Arabian Sea, the mighty Ganga, the only reservoir meeting normal capacity levels this year – Khadakvasla Dam, cold water at Tamhini Ghat, and the incredibly serene Mulshi Lake. The one thing that links all … Continue reading ‘Pool of Watery Images’

Prison Break

This campus is becoming crazier with rules with each passing day. And if I have started feeling suffocated, I cannot imagine what people who do not believe in following rules must feel like. So, this post is about the little time I spent out of the jail-like environment recently. I guess I should cut out … Continue reading Prison Break