December 22, 2008

Some things are too personal to blog about, but sometimes those things start moving from the periphery and into the middle of the brain and leave no space for the stuff that would let peace prevail. This is where writing takes over the rescue operation. But what if you are deriving pleasure out of the … Continue reading December 22, 2008

All the latest updates

I wonder why people think it is ‘cool’ to not do the work they should/are expected to do. How does evading work become ‘working smartly’? Or is it that I fall in the category of ‘idiots’ who actually take on the responsibility of getting the work done? I really wonder. What I think is being … Continue reading All the latest updates

Just not liking it!

I finally attained enlightenment on that superbly irritating IBIBO – don’t be a balti campaign thanks to a friend. It is supposed to be competing with ! My god! I am a user of photobucket, and still it never struck me. I wonder if ANYbody got it. I also watched the second half of … Continue reading Just not liking it!

Shady Happiness

I have been breaking into a song every couple of moments for the past few weeks now. Whatever a conversation may be about, I’d have an instant song ready to go with it. Of course, the sur-taal still choose to remain miles away from me, but thankfully words don’t desert me now like they used … Continue reading Shady Happiness