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7 thoughts on “Cricket, Movies, and More”

  1. i have been telling everyone to watch this movie……….agree that acting is nothing to talk abt of anyone except naseerudin shah…..but the film is excellent and very well made………


  2. @jayantrightly said, i have the album with me in the car and the songs are excellent…..spl bandya is very well composed


  3. Haven’t seen the movie.Saw the good reviews…But, is it an adult movie? I saw the ‘A’ mark in the papers.I desperately want to watch a match at the Eden. Let’s see what happens. And, I just hope that DD are defeated by KKR in tomorrow’s match!:-P


  4. DKTrue.JayantOh yes, it was great. But I’d say it was one of the best things. 🙂RohitGo watch it.B. O’HemianDefinitely.Ok ok, my mistake. 🙂SinjiniI think it could be an adult movie ‘coz it’s a little gruesome. But I am not sure about it.And we shall see what the Daredevils do today. It’s time for revenge, baby!!


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