Screw what others think!

I need to cut down on the ‘hmm’ moments in life. ‘Yes’ and ‘no’ leave you in a much better position. In almost all contexts. ‘Hmm’ with an ellipsis, ‘hmm’ with a question mark, the I’m-wondering-what-to-do/say ‘hmm’, the I-don’t-agree-with-you ‘hmm’, and all the other ‘hmmmms’ just suck! Oh, this one with the extra ‘m’s is … Continue reading Screw what others think!

I know the world

It moved from being a funny morning to an uncomfortable one pretty quick. Today, while coming to work, I could put a name to every single face that I saw on the road. Stranger faces, known names. ‘Uncanny resemblance’ surely cannot be that common. I cannot possibly be missing so many people that I see … Continue reading I know the world

Lost in Analyses

The definition of independent. It can be quite subjective, isn’t it? To a nation in ’47, it was about not being ruled by foreigners. To a teenager, the almost virtual benefits that turning 18 bring. To someone who loves to drive, maybe a long, smooth drive alone. To a girl oppressed in an orthodox family, … Continue reading Lost in Analyses