Bombarding with information or educating?

8 thoughts on “Bombarding with information or educating?”

  1. Interesting observation… come to think about it, I kind of agree with you !!!Cannot think of a better way to do this right away, however focusing on one thing at a time might help… e.g. A fight TB month, or something like that… also depending on the time of the year when that is expected to create the most damage… Personally I feel that every action should have a reason behind it which is substantiated with some data… and we gotta prioritize what we are focussing on… maybe that will help… Having said that, whatever is being done is commendable too… e.g. the Polio mission, I really do not know of many such aggressive things done in the past!


  2. Depends on every person, right? Their perspectives, their ideas, their intention, all of it and more.You know what, your work is making you see and grab so much more than ever. Amazing.


  3. OMHmm… I too kinda agree with you. Problem is that it is difficult to prioritise on this issue because every disease is rampant. I was discussing this with Bindiya too. She also said that maybe it would be better if there were empty spaces between these posters (if not anything else) so that at least people get an opportunity to retain what they just saw/read. And maybe they could allot walls to the various diseases and keep to them instead of putting things all over.But yea, I have to agree that the polio campaign has done some good. Still a long way to go in that too though. We’re the only country left with it.RohitWell, yea, ultimately it depends on the person. But it is somebody’s job to ensure that most people benefit from the initiative. About observing n all, I’ve been feeling the change too. 🙂SubhadipTotally!


  4. You know what, I don’t suppose the people going to a CGHS dispensary would be too bothered about the posters anyway. They are very desperate to take their medicines properly.


  5. ButterflyWell, although treatment and medicines are of utmost importance when one goes to a dispensary, it is also important enough to educate these people about the issues that are relevant for all. And if the posters are there, there will be some people who’ll bother. We cannot assume that they won’t.


  6. Good point.Its not just about CGHS yaar, every such scheme or initiative or institute( govt. undertaken) has forgotten to evolve just like our govt. Ex: doordarshan(!)Only SBI stands out from the bunch, if you have noticed.


  7. I think Doordarshan is an extreme case. Some have really come of age. SBI is good for sure, but haven’t really observed it vis-a-vis the others. I shall do that now. 🙂


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