The Winter Trip to Kumaon

Continuing from where I left, I was on a very tight seven-day road trip on the following route. Delhi>Bilaspur>Rudrapur>Nainital>Sitla>Mukteshwar>Almora>Patal Devi>Kasar Devi>Chitai>Jageshwar>Almora>Kasar Devi>Kausani>Mohlidhar>Ranikhet>Kathgodam>Delhi So while I was working, the little and the lot that I experienced and managed to absorb (cannot claim to explore at all) would be the following. # Sitting in the front seat … Continue reading The Winter Trip to Kumaon

Run, Lola, Run!!

So, I’m doing everything from devising media accreditation policies to handling massive databases. From brainstorming for creative material to having my boss scare the shit out of me. Still extremely uncomfortable with the insane amount of work and anxiety, but I am pretty sure I am liking it. Continue reading Run, Lola, Run!!

We’re a Brand

This is about each of those times, over the past two years, that Sahil, Robin and I have genuinely sat together to work on an assignment. The times when we don’t think of just completing work for the sake of it. The times when 99.9% of the times the rest of our ‘group’ goes missing … Continue reading We’re a Brand