We’re a Brand

10 thoughts on “We’re a Brand”

  1. its called a dream team…better stick to it wen u have the chance…its better than all the retards ull meet at work anyway…p.s ive never worked with u in a group b4 except the chocolate thing…damn!!!


  2. Ranjan,I know! It's harder to find people with whom you can get along well on the work front. And yea, you're right. It's sad we never worked together after that. Of course, the aviation thing is something I'd rather forget. πŸ˜› But really, we could have done stuff together in the 2nd sem. :-/


  3. blown out of proportion …..that entire post ……NANSENSE…….marketing ke din bhool gayin….haan richa jst becoz u are PR you happily forgot the assignments we did togther……..sheesh !!


  4. Sheesh nai aunty, just that we've soo much stuff after that over the two terms that we've been in different classes. Tumhein bhool sakte hain? Aisa ho sakta hai? πŸ™‚


  5. i have tears in my eyes.. a member of the dream team is my roommate.. awwww u guys… hahaha.. kidding… great to know u are a stickler for discipline as far as work goes…


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