I Want To…

9 thoughts on “I Want To…”

  1. 1 – as an audience?2 – wooooah! start that address with “Whaddup Homiezz”3 – in this pollution..? not possible4 – ditto, agree completely5 – girl, be specific..action? what action? dont be meaning something double meaning kinds


  2. Rhapsody,Thanks. :)Banao banao.. it'll be fun! :)Akash,Blog-hopping 'coz Michelle's not home? :P1. No, been there done that. Now I will be interviewed.2. :|3. I'll still try. :)4. I know!! 5. Live in action. Playing the tabla. Aur kuch nai dekhna even though he's one of the hottest-looking men ever! šŸ˜€


  3. šŸ™‚ Amen! I want to live in a small cozy house…with a wood burning fireplace…in the lap of the mountains…a small brook flowing in the backyard…with the man I love…who would also gladly chop the firewood for the fireplace (:P)…and this dream house not more than 10 minutes drive away from the city! Lol!Have to have a city close by! šŸ˜€


  4. Jas,That's a pretty thought! You know, I've been living 40 minutes away from the city for close to two years now, and it isn't really all that bad. Gets to you only sometimes. And of course, further away the place is, prettier it is. :-)Rhapsody,A whole bunch? Kitne??? šŸ™‚


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