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  1. Hmm… isn’t Sanmeet Sir awesome. After I met him, I was like, I have to be like him one day. Atleast be able to speak like that and be able to put people around me at ease, like he does, or so I felt. I’d gone to IMS with a friend, Sonali and I was raving about him so much she started having doubts. She asked me if I was straight. So much for liking Sanmeet sir. 😐


  2. SwetankOh, I love you! Even though I knew that nobody here would understand Sanmeet Sir, I just had to write about him. And now that you do, I’m SOO happy. :DLet me tell you how I fell in love with him. He took our orientation session for Group Discussions. He spoke non-stop for 3 hours and at one point of time I felt like yelling out to him that he speaks extremely well and I am in awe!hehe…You can’t imagine how much better he gets when with 150 people in front of him. And I’m just happy that he and I exchange hellos at least. 😛


  3. Well yeah, I actually cut that comment short. I did not tell you that I went to take a GMAT diagnostic test over there and decided on a date when I knew Sanmeet sir would be there because I had overheard him telling someone about his plans for Christmas. So I told an unsuspecting Sonali that we’ll come on such and such date and take the test. Later I revealed the truth to her, and her doubts were confirmed, no matter how hard I tried to convince her. Anyways, I got to meet him and talk to him again, and I have his email address and he remembers me as the Engineer guy from IITK who wants o do literature. So that’s a good enough start, I guess. 😉


  4. Even I am happy that now I have someone I can talk to about him. I was thinking of asking you about him the next time we talked and I read your post today and found a mention. He nearly convinced me to come down to Delhi every weekend to attend classes for MBA Pro(CAT+GMAT) even though I am planning on literature. Such was his effect. I had to snap out of his aura and be in my senss to take a rational decision. Aywyas, my mom would have brought me to my senses had I told her I want to do this for a guy, most probably a married one at that. 😛


  5. Ah, I see. Your statements are backfiring. You are confirming my doubts too. hehhee… Kidding!I think we are both completely smitten (you, maybe not in the same way as me!). I dreamed of him last night. Had a long chat.But coming to Delhi from Kanpur every weekend? Are you kidding me? :OAnd so what if you have the email id? I have the PHONE NUMBER! hihahahaa!!And he actually walked up to me once and said,”You look familiar”. He remembered me from a class of 150! *Screams out loud!!And since then we always have this “Hi! How’re you?” “I’m good. You?” “Pretty good”. Bright smiles.“All right. Bye!” “Bye!”Ok, I am obsessed! 😀


  6. Oi! I got his PHONE NUMBER as well. HA! But I haven’t dreamt of him as yet, and I hope I don’t otherwise it’ll confirm my suspicions too. ;)Let’s not fight over him anymore. I don’t like fighting over a guy with a girl. Eeks! That sounds so gay. I give up.


  7. Yeah, revel in your victory. Just so that the new year begins on a high for you. Dream on babe, dream on. One day, you will end up with a guy you like the most. All the best.By the way, just remembered something. A or S. Take your pick. 😛


  8. Hah, another one of those nice lists. Who’s Faisal Kapadia? And who’s Nitin?I never have good hair days, NEVER!! Grr..And the winter chill’s what makes me hate these winters x(


  9. AmiyaFaisal Kapadia is the guy on vocals in that band, Strings. He’s so cool! Nitin to mera RJ Nitin. He is just so adorable. And now that I am waking up early every alternate day, I get to hear his “good morning” which is nothing like the irritating Munna Bhai one that another radio station copies. He gives good morning kisses too. :PYour hair story makes me sad too. You know, you should make a lot of money and get something done to them. Then you can have good hair days too. But how can you hate winters? I know it gets quite bad at times but still! They are so much better than the summers or even the humid monsoons.


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