The Love Continues…

7 thoughts on “The Love Continues…”

  1. Dear Richa,Wow! U were also in Barrow House!?!Ditto, here. I, too, was a Prefect and also led the Boy’s squad at the Marchpast in 1973.(U could check that in the fapsdelhi site’s “photos” menu in the album – JSBatra at FAPS). Barrow House was tops, that year, too!A lot of dirty, polluted water has passed by the Akshardham Temple, since. We’ve greyed… matured… raised families and as you’ve mentioned… The Love Continues!FlashbackOutside on the roadA group of rowdy school boys,Boisterous and mischevious;Their talk full of energy,Shouting out to no-one.Suddenly, inside the houseThere’s a flurry of activity.FlashbackOutside on the roadSome school-girls just passed by,Lost in thoughts,hopes and dreams;Tinkling laughter filtered thruClambering up the spineSlowly, in the whole houseSoothing sunlight prevailed.FlashbackOutside on the roadAs if a Bazaar is set.Curfew, Bandh, Loot,Marriage,Festival, Jaloos,Scary, smiling, weeping.However, in this aging mind,Life,once again,appears to be Alive!Luv,Dr J S Batra


  2. Thats a lot of memories ! God bless you and God bless FAPS !!And my dear, it was Gidney and not Barrow…. the Doc gets old 🙂 and has greyed… etc..And how do I know this – simple, I was House Cap and leading Gidney. PS: I have a blog too, though not very active Lekin now I am re-inspired by you and will update regularly – all three blogs !!lots of luvDinesh


  3. Dr BatraSo you were in Barrow or in Gidney?? ;)I think I’ll check the photographs myself.But you’ve again put your thoughts in this unique style by which I am soo impressed. Love it!Dinesh Sirhehhe…thanks for giving me a reason to pull Dr Batra’s leg by. I checked out your blog. Nice thoughts. I just hope you update it more often.Thanks for dropping by, guys. Feels great!DKThat’s also true.


  4. Lovely pics… is your forehead all scribbled over too??! Cute!! But I wanted to enlarge the first two pics, woh nahi ho pa raha hai :(And crazy woman, for that plaster thing you did!! Can believe it of you, though.


  5. Well, what do I say. I do miss school a lot, and at times I feel I just wasted a lot of years studying and I just want to go back and make up for it, but your post makes me feel all the more guilty. :)Same problem as Amiya’s. Can’t enlarge the 1st two pics. Scribbling day was fun in my school too. I still have that shirt with me, didn’t let mom wash it, or sew it. They tore of the pocket. It’s been 4 years but I still remember who wrote what. I just took out that shirt and relived all of that this winter. It was all so good. Humbled by Dr. Batra’s description. I bow to thee, sir, for these touching words.


  6. AmiyaThaaanks! I’ll try to see why you can’t enlarge them. And yes, forehead was scribbled on too. :-)And 😀SwetankI still have the shirt too. It really is lot of fun going through old stuff. And don’t feel guilty. Just remember whatever good times you had. Relax.


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