9 thoughts on “???”

  1. I agree… these are timeless problems. But writing them down is a good idea, I think. It helps in getting the confusion out of the system and concentrate.


  2. I am getting only funny answers to all of these..damn it, this is serious stuff.Man, ‘importance’ is something I have thought about too..but then, its about letting it go. I guess these things shouldn’t even be important enough to give time to..But, writing seems to be the right thing, as Subhadip Da said!


  3. Yeah, timeless questions, except the Metro one. Point 4 is so true!! Reading Preobrazhensky, one thing that struck me every two sentences was: God, this guy is genuinely writing in the manner that’s used in stereotypically to poke fun at socialist writers. “Exploitation of the toiling masses by the ruthless wheels of the capitalist machinery”… ooookay.


  4. RohitI’d have liked to read your funny answers too. Amiyahehehe…I remember reading that line. And that was one of the things that made me give up on Preobrazhensky. The bloody language! Not that any of it mattered. This paper went even worse than I thought it would. Except the metro one? Phir to old wounds bhi hain na. Kisi doctor se puchhenge to woh batayega ki plaster jaldi kaatne ki wajeh se hai ya kuch aur. šŸ˜›


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