What is it…

7 thoughts on “What is it…”

  1. Has to be reading. Nothing ever can replace that, or so I think. The way you’ve worded the post, a person won’t fit the description, but if it did (like if we remove the do/use part and that it’d necessarily be company), it’d be my bestest friend, Karnika.


  2. I treated them as separate questions. Does that work?1. Perfect weather: A day that makes me want to tell the world that I am happy to be alive. Or a perfect song that evokes or creates perfect memories.2. Reading/blogging/music3. My beautiful laptop4. Memories5. Plans


  3. RohitOf course. SubhadipHmmm…AmiyaMy blog missed you sooo much. Really. I saw your comments and I was all happy-happy. Computer bhi? Achha? SinjiniThat’s like a real blogger! 🙂SwetankHmmm. That’s nice. But I specifically wanted to talk about non-living things. Reading for you. I know that quite well now.:-)WoodsmokeWorks just fine.Great answers. 🙂


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