Overstepped The Border

6 thoughts on “Overstepped The Border”

  1. Don’t worry! how can u be sure that u will flunk your exam tomorrow? If u try your best today, your exam will definitely be good. Besides, you are trying to gather some information from the net. Just don’t get nervous.


  2. Way to go, purist. That’s all I could make out of the post (I choose to ignore the first part of the first sentence, for it doesn’t apply to you.)All the best. Don’t worry, you’ll do really well. My wishes will keep you in good stead. 😛


  3. SinjiniIt was a feeling. Now I am sure because I know what I did in the paper. But thanks for the lovely words. Felt really nice. 🙂Swetankhehehe…Thanks for the wishes. I’ll use them for other exams because this one was so royally ******. 😀


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