First Steps

11 thoughts on “First Steps”

  1. Ah new template. It’s nice, but kinda empty… I’ve a feeling you’ll change it pretty quick!Oh great, your pal’s moving closer :)And too sweet instead of dark chocolate is inexcusable! Uhh.


  2. Ah, lovely template! Fresh and vibrant. Really nice!AarBee reminds me of KayBee (Koval’s pseudonym on Facebook) which I like, and I like this one too. :)What esle did you expect to get at a place called ‘Choko La’? Wannabes!


  3. TitashYour first comment here but I guess you’ve been visiting for some time. I hope you’ll make your presence felt in future too. :)And thanks for the compliment.Kanu🙂AmiyaUmm…I like it so far. Let’s see how long it lasts. :)Yeah, she’s moving closer and will be walking distance away. I’m so so happy.The chocolate was sad. :/IshaniThanks! 🙂DKThanks.And thanks. 😀JayantThat’s exactly how I felt when I first saw my blog in this template. :DErr. But I swear I did not steal. :DBut no, Choko La is supposed to be an awesome all-chocolate outlet at Priya’s. Everyone seems to love it. I guess I was just unlucky.RohitThanks. 🙂TaniaOoooh…thanks! :DAgain, chocolate was definitely sad. Did melt in the mouth and everything, but too sweet man!


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