Six months?!

5 thoughts on “Six months?!”

  1. Strange as it may seem, till last night I too wanted to run away from certain people…or more importantly wished them away. I never wished to forget them but yes…wished I would get busy with my life and have no time left whatsoever to even think about them.And then I realized that it ain’t happening if I try too hard. Things have there own time span and eventually everything would turn out for the best. I kept thinking about this song from Cher…Do you Believe…All the best girl…just don’t try too hard…Jo Hota hain…Achche ke liye hota hain…:)


  2. Just breathe let go.If you think this is the worst you are going through you will be surprised at what is really in store for you.What helps me is to let go.Let go of the pain and emotions.To breathe and tell myself tomorrow is another day.


  3. KanuYeah, trying too hard never works. And that’s why I never pushed myself away from anything. For me personally, I think it’s time I move on. That’s all.Thanks for the nice words. And good luck to you too.:)EUI don’t think of anything as the worst ever. Nothing’s really worth that much. But yes, trying to breathe, trying to let go. :)Thanks.Ishani🙂DKThanks. Gonna do it. 🙂


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