The Wild Thing

11 thoughts on “The Wild Thing”

  1. relax.. driving comes on naturally.. and crashing.. even more!!once u crash .. u learn more about how NOT to crash next time onwards :DBTW….when u drive next.. make sure you do the following:1 – Use Rear View mirrors extensively!2 – In night drive on a low beam3 – Use indicators while turning4 – Do not honk unless its most necessary5 – Stop behind the ‘Stop Line’6 – Dont indulge in Road Rage….if people are being nasty to you.. let them be7 – When you get a call….park onthe side of the road… put on the hazard lights…and then take the call..damn.. i sound like a grandpa!


  2. driving is all abt confidence and know ur car well….the more u drive, more u will learn……and follow akash instructions πŸ™‚ along with these 2 from my side :-1) dont drive in fast lane and slow down the traffic (del do have lanes are all main roads :D)2) dont use mobile…….Loads of luck lady πŸ™‚


  3. What fun! Getting behind the wheel is always so thrilling.And yes we all know it is so hot in Delhi that is why you were sweating.Yes we do know. :PI second your plea to quit smoking.


  4. AkashWah! Pehle hi crashing ke baare mein? The last time I’d left(touched) my car, I did almost crash into a lot of things. :PDoing 1.Intend to do 2.Always, ALWAYS stick to 3.Yeah. As of now, I just blow the horn a little too cautiously. I guess that’ll get better with time.Oh you don’t know about my stories related to 5. I’ve abused people in their face for crossing even the zebra crossing and not letting pedestrians cross the road. So I guess I won’t be doing that. :)6? Ahem. We shall try and stay cool. :DFor 7 – sir, yes sir! :POh yes, perfect. It’s usually grandpas who buy kids ice-creams. hehe…But on second thoughts, you can’t already be grandpa for me. Right? πŸ˜‰KanuThanks. πŸ™‚AmiyaYe lo! Don’t you think you know me a little too well now? πŸ˜€DKHmmm. Practice makes the (wo)man perfect. :)hehe…Yeah, I stay on the left of that divider for now.And mobile? Yeah yeah..too much concentration required for the road. So at least till the time I’ve perfected the art, that ain’t happening. Thanks!! πŸ™‚EUOf course you know that Delhi’s hot! :PBut yeah, thrilling is the right word.And, smoke-free…right!


  5. I love driving.. it is so AMAZING to be behind the wheel, in total control of the car! Wow!Relax girl, it’ll all be cool.. Did you drive to office today?


  6. I should probably b the last person commenting, since i still cant drive!!I just hope ur a lil better than most female drivers!!!Best of luck!!N yes…abusing comes quite naturally behind the wheels doesnt it??


  7. BurfThank you.RohitHmm. Dads have that tendency. In my case it just so happens that my dad doesn’t like driving. So.IshaniI know you love driving but cool it dude. I just restarted. Have you even seen MG Road (the one that leads to my office)? I had to reach there alive today, you know! πŸ˜€ShreyaYou are probably the last one to comment. :PI also really hope that I’m better that those women who’re abused all the time. That’ll naturally allow me to abuse too. πŸ˜›


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