8 thoughts on “A Simple Message”

  1. Na-ice! :)I like the concept of free hugs in general and to tie it up with this, really good thinking. I love the way these people think up ideas for videos with some message. There’s one I’d like to tell you about but later. Got to go study for an early morning exam right now.


  2. I don’t know if you have ever met a free-hug-giver but I have. Several times. And they freak me out. So although the message behind it might be very nice, I am so not going to be convinced that this is a good idea.


  3. I think that the video is great….and the concept..as our munnabhai would like to say “jadoo ki jhappi” is also great.But a general skepticism has set in people these days and free hugs seem to be an unbelieveable thing-as admitted by the above two commenters and yours truly too. But if does happen then nothing better.I can imagine a random guy coming up to you and hugging…that is freaking if happening to you and amusing if happening to others and so much fun if you are the random guy :))


  4. Nice video.. I’m not sure of what my take on free ‘huggers’ is, but the message conveyed in the video is simple, elegant, touching, and yet powerful.


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