Live with it

7 thoughts on “Live with it”

  1. Take a good care of yourself. There are certain things you can’t control in life….I hope you take care of things you can!God Bless!


  2. You have rightly said that we tend not to take care of ourselves when we are anywhere near fit. It’s difficult to resist whatever we must not eat or whatever we must not do….But, when we fall sick, our family members suffer along with us too. So, thinking about them, we must take care of ourselves….I hope asthma doesn’t trouble you much this year. Everything will be alright.Keep smiling like always:-)


  3. WoodsmokeHmm.. I shall. Thanks.B.Right said. Thanks.ApoorvaπŸ™‚ yes, lots of macros. Thanks.ButterflyI agree, it’s the family that suffers more. Thanks for the wishes. πŸ™‚


  4. I know what you are talking about! You are right when you say “things are bad all around”. The pollution is killing! The worst part about all this is it is mostly out of your control. I take efforts to stay fit, but still have asthma for several years now. Controlling food and doing yoga helps control the frequency, but for the last few days, it has re-surfaced. The fact that I was in a newly constructed house supervising woodwork and generally dusty work, doesn’t help.Take care of yourself. Sweet dreams of a clean, green world.


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