Make Way!!!

10 thoughts on “Make Way!!!”

  1. Oyeeeeee I just left you a wall post asking when the brand new pics from the brand new camera would be up… and just then my GR tells me about this post :)The cam looks DAMN cool. The proper proper photographer sort!And yeah, do continue using the last one for a while more to complete 5000 otherwise, like you said, it’ll take another year.Hope you continue taking awesome pictures with this one too.


  2. Hey welcome to the new family :)I am sure you would do wonders considering the way you have covered in the last few months!Happy clicking!


  3. AmiyaGR rocks! :-)Yeah, it looks pretty hot. I am still salivating. :PThanks! 🙂BhaskarThanku thanku. :-)And that is sweet of you. I hope I can improve.ApoorvaThaaaanks!!!RohitThanks. 🙂


  4. Yay! Congrats!I am sure you will do wonders with this baby! You must promise to post your picture with the photographer’s jacket on, with the bag and camera, basically all the accessories. You may leave out the cap 😛


  5. ReetaThaanksss!!! 🙂B. O’HemianAhem. I don’t think I’d like to do that. Chalo aane do ye sab cheezein, I might just do it. 😀


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