The Tag Thing

6 thoughts on “The Tag Thing”

  1. – Dislike the over enthu type.- Stalker powers would be cool, yes!- Kill the laziness (as I sit here in the office playing online games…), YES!- And those two songs soooo give me goosebumps too. Plus a coupla others, I’ll mention them in my tag if I post it :)Yaaaaaaaaaawn! I’m so bored 😦


  2. Your smile is certainly valuable:-)I like Konkona Sen Sharma very much. Even I hate Aishwarya Rai. She is very cold and expressionless. When she smiles, it seems as though someone is forcing her to do it. I agree with you that she is not at all appealing.Liked your answer to the shopaholic question. Liked all your answers, in fact.


  3. AmiyaYaaaaawn! Me too. :-/SinjiniThank you.And go write those things about Aishwarya Rai on Jayant’s blog in an anonymous comment. 😛


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