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  1. You make me feel hungry. I shall go have a pizza right now. NOW!Seems you are getting tired of all the fun – you complaining about shopping?! :O I expected better from you, Richa.First collage, last pic, Amiya looks positively scary. She’s definitely going to haunt me in my nightmares a couple of times at least. I always look at Jayant long and hard, in pics and in person. He just doesn’t look like a journalist. Don’t ask me what it means. Reviewing my comments, I realize I have no nice things left to say to anybody. Maybe that’s just because I’m getting a little grumpy sitting at home. Need to go out soon. And now since I’m blogging again, I shall scream at the top of my voice on the topmost floor of my house (where I happen to be sprawled on the bed right now with the laptop firmly set on my fast expanding tummy and slowly moving up and down as I breathe in and out), MF.End of comment.Over and out.


  2. Haha chhheeeee!!!! You put the awful ‘trying out the creepy shades’ pic!!! Ugh, it’s really looking like a ‘sad aunty’s photochromatic glasses’ pic…. those are not my shades, people!!!And thank you Swetank, you’ve further endeared yourself to me with that comment!Fun day I had. You didn’t mention how we just got handed a pamphlet of that place and still we just couldn’t decide where to go, we immediately turned and entered… and the pamphlet lady was looking so surprised & happy, lol. Instant effect of the pamphlet!! :DSend me all the pics no. I mean, the nicer ones of mine!! ๐Ÿ˜› And you know which one’s getting un-tagged if you put it up on Fb! :POh you didn’t see Jay’s shades na, the ones he bought after you left. Damn cool.


  3. @AmiyaI know! I was scared I’d do something of the sort and risk facing your wrath again, but I couldn’t help it. Maybe 22nd June isn’t a good day for me to speak at all. I promise I’ll be nicer to you tomorrow onwards. Or even later today if Providence permits.


  4. @ SwetankDude, run for your life.Spirit invariably reminds me of ALL the days we’ve spent there in college, thanks to their happy hours. Are they still on? The beer, beer.


  5. @Swetank: What do I look like then? Maybe I should go back to the kurta-jeans look I used to sport in college. On second thoughts, Iโ€™d rather not.Yeah, it was a fun day. Nice lunch, nice drinks, nice pictures and some good, quality time with friends after a long time.


  6. @JayantNope, it’s not the kurta-jeans look that I see you in. On the contrary, I’d probably expect you to (in your journalist avatar) wear more formal clothes, y’know. Don’t know, it’s not just you. I don’t even see myself in a corporate job couple of months down the line, wearing suits and leather shoes, making presentations etc. Just feels like we are growing up too fast. I’d rather be a student for a much longer time.How’s the new job, btw? More exciting?


  7. SwetankSo did you have the pizza?Yeah, I never thought I would complain about shopping. But I am doing it. I just hope it is temporary. :(I am thinking hard – I can’t imagine you being grumpy. You’re one of the few sane bloggers I know. Get that butt moving and stay normal.AmiyaLMAO! Yes, those weren’t yours. I should have put a disclaimer. :)Sent the pics, and not uploading the un-tag-able pics, don’t worry! :)Yea, missed his shades. Koi photo kheech ke mujhe bhejo!RohitThey did have the free beer. But I didn’t see any mention of happy hours. Just a pint free with each pizza/pasta.JayantYeah, after too long! But I’m just glad we managed. Just wish Neha and Tarun were there too.


  8. @ Swetank: Oh, but I do dress up in formals, but obviosuly I wouldn’t want to come dressed up in formals even when I’m meeting up with friends on a Sunday. No one would, I’m sure. :)I know what you’re saying – I feel a similar urge at times to go back to studying. But there is still time for that, I tell myself then. What I am learning right now will best complement what I might learn 3 years from now.@ Rohit: If that is all you ever did there, then obviously it’ll ‘invariably’ remind you of that.@ Richa: Oh yeah, how I WISH all of us could have met! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I went to Planning Commission for a conference on Tuesday and guess who I bumped into at the reception! It was so nice to see her after so long and that too so unceremoniously. ๐Ÿ™‚


  9. JayYea, wish it is.And I am sure that must have been a pleasant experience. ๐Ÿ™‚ How I was wishing that their trips got cancelled that weekend!


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