Mood Enhancement

8 thoughts on “Mood Enhancement”

  1. aaw…super cute aarbee..!!just when i thot i was the only one not studyin, u proved me wrong.. and not to forget, made me extremely happy!!!adorably cute entry…its like being reintroduced to all these ppl u meet n talk to li’l complain.. u seemed to have forgotten a few ppl whom i thot to be ur ( i mean, our) favorites.. whom mite i be talkin about..?? well, ppl by the likes of darpan majumdar of course..!!now how can u NOT mention him..??he’s like a best friend to us all here.. how heart broken he’d be when he finds out that richa, his sweet li’l friend, whom he has been suckin up to all these days, ever since his last goof up, hasn’t mentioned him at all…now.. now..thats just unfair..i suggest u redo ur post..or even better.. write a new one.. especially dedicated to our dear friend Majumdar..i’m sure he’d like that..see darpan.. i care bout u soooo much.. way too much man..!! n the rate at which i’m goin, i’m scared i’d fall in love with u very soon…!!for the benefit of those who have had the privelege of NOT meeting Mr. Darpan Majumdar, here’s a li’l dope on him..he’s simply smashing..!!i cud almost take his head n smash it into a hard brick wall..!!!


  2. I was all nostalgic about my friends and things we did together while reading / watching your post. Wish we had digital cameras and blogs to keep those treasures and cherish them later. Nice candid shots. I love the corridor party pic. I am so glad that you found a nice set of friends there.


  3. RanjanπŸ™‚ I’m glad.NidhiBiatch!Muah!! πŸ™‚SubhadipπŸ™‚ We really are lucky – dunno what it would have been like without technology.That corridor party was right after my trip to Delhi. Halwa and puri. πŸ˜€AkshayOf course. πŸ˜›


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