Honey, I’m Home!

7 thoughts on “Honey, I’m Home!”

  1. Grey’s Anatomy is a blissful experience! When Callie tried to talk to Dr. Bailey and Bailey just stared at her. Hilarious.I can’t wait to see what is in store Thursday!


  2. hmm so lot of first time experiences:)sitting on the train gate while the world goes by is a experience that everyone should have, spleacially on certain train routes…..not al the vendors cook food in unhygenic way….u just need to avoid the oil stuff…though i would say del-bbay route offers some really nice stuff through the route…….


  3. Jennie🙂DKMain khade ho ke dekhti hoon… just duur se. :DWhat I had was oily stuff. I’m still ok, and still kicked about it. 😛OM🙂SubhadipErr..Oh yes, the weather in the plains is great. Loving it! 🙂


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