Happy Ho Gaya Day!

8 thoughts on “Happy Ho Gaya Day!”

  1. well well i made a lot of contribution to the day and have to leave a comment girl…..MOCHA was ausum fun, just when i sunk myself into the couch – i realized that exams were over….and richa i had awsum fun with all the indulgence into the delicacies of crs and yes of crs also i wud like to thank reitesh for yesterday – I AM GLAD WE WENT !!! and richa we finally got to dance…three cheers to my lady…u mean a lot !


  2. ah… this looks like a fun day to me… its been so long I have been to party where I knew so many people and was this comfortable around them !!!maza aaya photos dekh kar !


  3. Swetha,Yes, the dance was ausum too. :DPrashant,It really was fun. Thanks.. :)Aap wapis aao… phir ek achhi wali party karenge.Subhadip,Thanks. :)That answer was a lot of fun to write.


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