5 thoughts on “On Guru Nanak’s Birthday…”

  1. Oh, and I was the one with the girly tantrums? Soch ke bola karo. Tumhare baal jungli nai hain. And this photo might not be 'hot', but it is certainly not bhikari either. Isliye chup karo!


  2. arre wah!!! kya badiya post hai ye… I see that you are posting larger pictures these days here 🙂 kya raaz hai!!!and the girl in the photograph, taking the picture!!! please ask her to secure her camera with the strap around her wrist or the neck whenever she is taking a picture! there is a reason why that long strap is given as a standard accessory with the camera!


  3. OM,Hahaaa… yes, I am posting larger pictures these days. Raaz ye hai ki I have learnt how to do that. Ek smartass friend se. But frankly, it is such a pain when you have to upload 36 pictures… ki agar vella time na ho( like I had yesterday), one really can't do it. Girl in the photograph ka response aapne dekh liya. I noticed the same thing in the picture, but kya bolein! Meri to bahut phat-ti hai to even carry the camera without wrapping the strap around my wrist. Photo kheechte time to sawaal hi nai uthta ki neck ke around na ho. But ye bacche nahi samajhte. Bledy.


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