Things you could only do on a residential campus

7 thoughts on “Things you could only do on a residential campus”

  1. Subhadip,:)Can you imagine how criminal that situation must have been when I had to do that? And of course, not forgetting what happened to my stomach post that. Swati,Haha! Thank you. I knew I could not have been alone in doing that. Sun rahe ho, Subhadip?


  2. eat raw smoodles..tastes awesome..put tastemaker in water.boil it well pour it into ur dish and then put raw maggi 🙂


  3. aahh.. there were like a thousand more things that came to mind thinking of my hostel experiences.. but I guess you took care of all of them with htis :”# Do retarded things round the clock and find company for mad imaginations at all times” GOD I wish college education was longer 😦


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