6 thoughts on “Muft muft muft!”

  1. A pain, hey!Do you have to get them all????Hope everything will be fine and that there won't be any major issues. Take care of yourself.Out here, the physicians have such a laid back approach to everything, they would not recommend or refer one to a specialist or order any scans or surgeries as they do not want to burden the already stretched state provided health care system. And even if they do, by the time you get an appointment, the disease or anything that one might have probably would have deteriorated beyond repair/cure! I have had some back issues for 2 years now, but the doctor said “we are not aggressive in our approach” and did not recommend or order MRI for my back! 😀


  2. Hmm… one of my cousins who's doing pharmacy in the US was also telling me the same. It's really sad. In India, on the other hand, things are rather different. Physicians act as if there is no medicine better than a painkiller. That's all they prescribe, and are usually happy to refer you to a specialist. And specialists prefer to run tests before beginning any treatment. I am irritated because in the last one month itself I have had to get tests done for three different things (not forgetting that in the past too I have had several health-related issues). So, a little blah-ed! :-)About your back, wow, that's strange. You should have shown it to some docs here in India when you were here.


  3. Medical scans throw open an extraordinary problem. We Indians are brought in such a way, that once we spend a certain amount on something, we better get something out of it. So, an expensive scan is followed by two conflicting thoughts. One being that God! I hope everything's all right. And the other being, God!! I spent 10 grand on this, you better show me something weird happening inside me! 🙂


  4. I can imagine your state of “blah-ness”. :)Just take care.I should have, but was short on time. And to be honest, I really don't like going to the doctors' either! :DInteresting perspective there by Puneet. 😀


  5. Puneet,Hahaa… that's an interesting perspective. :)Jas,Thanks!Who likes going to doctors bhai? Actually my grandmom did. But she was an exception, I believe. :)You take care too. 🙂


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