What the Heck!

13 thoughts on “What the Heck!”

  1. Dude the kind of reactions you used to give me in the mornings…like seriously! You dont know how much i miss being around you & others…And you were suppose to write about Andy Roddick & his……I am happy that I am being called a sweet, but which one am I? The ras malai or the home made phirni???Ok….my comment makes no sense….but what the heck, I am still gonna write itMiss you Eeechaaaa!!!PS: Cant be animated in the mornings anymore…feels so sad 😦


  2. Jas,Haha… aa jao, aapko sab khilate hain! :)Robin,:)I told you this isn't about Roddick in spite the hotness. :DAnd erm, I did not quite call you a sweet, but you can imagine yourself to be any of 'em. :OYou deserved those reactions. Subah subah pagal karta tha! Bledy!!And well, what can I say. You should feel happy you have a job. :)Dilli aaja jaldi se. Party karenge!!


  3. Itchaaaa…..god i miss you sooo much..! But of all the photos u cud hv used ! I hate this photo of mine! :PMy new number is 95 **** 36**….awesome na! u cant forget it ! muaaaah !


  4. this is by far the sweetest thing ever man…it was a great two yrs πŸ™‚ and to think a presentation on Fickr could spawn a very good and hopefully looooong friendshipU d best dude


  5. Ruhi,Why, I think it's a damn nice photo! Don't leave your number like this in a public space re. Ab dekh.. tere baad Ranjan aaya comment karne. What if he misused it? :PWill call ya soon! Muah! :)Ranjan,Awwww!!! :)But I know! Never thought Flickr could lead to our friendship. Cheers to many more years of fun and happiness!! πŸ™‚


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