A messy affair

That is over; you know that very well now. But was there more? I guess. But you did it yourself, didn’t you? It was you who loved, you who acted stupid, you who acted more stupid, and you who are experiencing guilt. You decided to go ahead with that, you decided to put an end … Continue reading A messy affair

Who is that?

“There’s a creative flow. You’re creative. There are many ideas in the head and they all want to come out. But what you have written is not conveying what you intend to convey. The ideas are good but take care of the basic purpose. Creative.”_____ “I’m more of a loner. You’re a bloody socialite.”“You don’t … Continue reading Who is that?

The Genius

Little things at the most unexpected moments can bring tears to your eyes. At some level you do understand why it happens but it’s hard to digest the fact that your mind is capable of doing something like that also. Sitting in class, doing a test, I came across a poem that I read many … Continue reading The Genius