Life In A Metro

I watched the movie Life in a Metro today and quite liked the way all the characters were defined. Each one of them was very real, the stress that they were under was visible and the things that they did made sense. Ranjit was a downright chauvinist and KK Menon did such a brilliant job … Continue reading Life In A Metro

Bheja Fry

A day that started on a hyper note – sleeping at 0130, waking up at 0500 and then setting and resetting alarms every 10 minutes till 0700 to catch just a little more sleep.So, with just a little sleep I could hear some buzzing in my head just before the exam. Not a good sign, … Continue reading Bheja Fry

AB Again

So what if Gurukant Desai didn’t look hot? He looked cute in his younger years. And the man has some personality to be what he was! I liked everyone’s acting in the movie. Ms To-be-Bachchan was also ok. Approved! And Bachchan of course is still hot. 😛 Continue reading AB Again