My Memory

So here’s an often talked about topic today. According to a lot of people, I am the Subodh of Dil Chahta Hai. The guy who remembered all dates and times. Before anything else, I have to clear out that I am not as creepy as him. Yes, I bug people, but not to that extreme … Continue reading My Memory


Autos DTCsPaint contrasted with black on pavementsTraffic signal polesThe STD boothsTraffic police’s barricadesMy personality according to one of the applications on FacebookThe lights on my routerThe background on my cellphone’s screen and the alert light on it tooThe colour of folders on the PCMy specs’ caseThe sacred colourYash Chopra’s mustard fieldsMyoril capsulesSummersFriendshipColdplayDirty fellowSome people’s helloThe … Continue reading Yellow

Bullet Again

One more time… # I am braver when it comes to killing insects that pose a threat. # My hair are quite long now. # I can process my B&W pictures much better now. # I taught someone how to make a parantha. My family laughed. # I hate cats a little less. # I … Continue reading Bullet Again


Sad news: the flab is coming back. Uh, all that sweat! It is moments like this that make you want to go, “Why god, why…why me?” But can you blame me if I had a bad fall last year? If other than dislocating a bone, I also screwed some other things inside? And tell me, … Continue reading Random