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  1. Oh cool, one of ‘those’ posts again! Itching to read it but I’ll have to come back to it in a while, got something to do right now… leavin this comment cuz I left another one on a previous post just now so didnt want you to think I missed this one or something. I think I think too much. Okay later.


  2. Okay, I’m back. Again, emphasis on the point that I absolutely love these posts of yours. So it’s a thumbs up from me for all kinds of ‘excuses’, as you put it, to make such posts.Failure kya?What piercings? Oh, your nose kya? Okay, I’m a bit muddled here, what’s the time frame of these points that you recollect? As far back as the past one year (speaking b’day to b’day)?Ash is pregnant? Where did you get that from? I haven’t heard of it!The adore kids part – cool! :-)Do gimme tips on all these keyboard shortcuts when we meet next, okay.And a “Great!” to the last bullet point. Keep at it.


  3. RohitI’ve always enjoyed them too. :PYep, left my job.I didn’t Meow, did talk to the same guy though. Was kinda fun. 🙂AmiyaHow sweet. 🙂Subhadip:)Woh photography mein sab kuch aa gaya na. Naya camera, photoblog, pictures, and so on. :DAnd boxing mouthpiece? Bhej do phir birthday pe. Kar lete hain try. Ok?AmiyaOkay, great to see you back!! :DI love it when you guys love these posts of mine. Mmuuah! :)Failure: CAT score.Piercings in the ears yaar. Got them in March this year.This is the Jan-Aug 2007 wala year.I heard the news on radio, saw it in Delhi Times too. I so hope it’s not true yet. :-)Keyboard shortcuts tips…pakka! Done!And thanks. Hopeful. 🙂


  4. i like the last part of the post (relative) and peace with urself most…….goood if u have moulded urself in that kind of thinking early on…… u didnt meowed, how sad 😀


  5. I restate what Ami said, LOVE these bullet point wala posts. They bring so much perspective in your life. WISH I could do something like that.Hmmmm, brilliant year you’ve had man! Apart from a few minor setbacks, everything seems pretty smooth.And even those set backs helped you gain better stuff only.EG: Bad CAT score leading to work, new environment, awesome learning and those 3 laughter filled months. 😀


  6. RohitCan we please do without that ‘meow’ word?DK:-)Thanks.Sad thodi hai…maine usko tab bhi bola that he can’t make me meow. 😀WoodsmokeThank you.Silver Mist😀 😀 I love you!! Yes, the year’s been quite nice. And you’re right…these posts help me get my thoughts straight. And they’re fun too. 😀


  7. More piercings…. And, you know what, the piercings in my ears have got blocked! I’ll have to get my ears pierced again. “Got a lot of material things with my own hard-earned money.” Now, that’s something to be really proud of.:-) What do Ctrl+Shift+N and Ctrl+Alt+F9 do?


  8. Ooh, I like these ones. 😀Saw Abhishek Bachchan get married, and now hearing news of Aishwarya being pregnant with his kid. 😦 LMAO!! 😀 :DI used those keyboard shortcuts and nothing happened. :-/So what if friends have found jobs that keep them happy, so what if other friends are where you want to be Every job has its downside. I’m glad you’ve got the right perspective on the issue. :)I’ll be looking forward to more of such lists.


  9. Pravin🙂SinjiniOops…blocked piercings can be a pain! Get them done again soon.Yes, earning and spending is a real cool feeling!Ctrl+Shift+N is to go to a specific page number when you have something like a big pdf file to go through.Ctrl+Alt+F9 is to refresh a complete excel workbook.Hope this helps you some day too. 🙂Jayant:-)Are you happy that she is pregnant? Thoda sa mil ke sad hote hain yaar. Nahi?You gotta be using excel or pdf for those shortcuts to work.I’m smart, haina? 😀And, I think, drunk too. Maybe it was the paneer.


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