11 thoughts on “PacMan!!”

  1. the beauty of pacman or mario lies in the fact that they are too simple and addictive games for anyone whereas the games generally played on xbox or playstation even after being addictive are too complicated for masses and not able to cater everyone


  2. You next first salary? Am I missing something, or is it just wishful thinking?Ah, I love Pacman too! There’s a reason I have it on my blog? 🙂 By any chance, did you play it there?And how come I never knew you had it in your old phone?


  3. You had PacMan in your old phone??!!? How come i never knew?!?!Yeah, isn’t it an amazing game, so simple, and yet so so addictive. I generally spend most of my classes playing it! 😀


  4. DKHmm. I’ve never tried any of those games. Kabhi mauka mila toh I definitely will. PacMan still rules. 😀JayantJust wishful thinking. :DYaar, I noticed it on your blog after seeing your comment. I had seen HangMan but not PacMan. I played it on Facebook. But now I can play on your blog too. :)I am so glad you guys didn’t know that my old phone had it. :DAlthough, I think I remember Shagun borrowing my phone to play the game during Saluja’s classes. 😀Silver MistHee hee… because your phone was prettier than mine? Thanks for saving me my battery and letting me play myself though. :PYes, AWESOME game! So now we know the secret behind your happy stay at college. Nice. 😀


  5. Mario rocks!! And you know what, I played PacMan again after a loooooong time, after reading your post. Went to Jay’s blog and tried… and found that I’ve pretty much lost touch 😦


  6. I don’t much idea about games. But, I used to play this game called Tetris on my father’s old mobile. And, according to me, it was fantastic.:-)I also like Snake.Never heard of PacMan though.


  7. ReetaBut PacMan rocks too! 🙂RohitHmmm. I never played that, so I’ll take your word for it as of now. And why won’t you be able to buy it when you already have a job? I, without a job, think that I can. Stats. 😀B.Erm..ok. If you say so. PacMan still rules for Fuchsia. 😛AmiyaYou can’t lose touch, woman! Try again. I thought I’ve lost touch too, but in some time I ever remembered the little tricks I used to play on Blinkey, Pinkey and Clyde. Ha! What cute names for such monsters! 😀SinjiniYou should try PacMan on Jayant’s blog. It’s a fairly simple game. And yes, I once got addicted to Snake too. I was verrrry bored of it, but too addicted to leave my dad’s phone. Never heard of Tetris though.


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