Delhi, My Home

14 thoughts on “Delhi, My Home”

  1. You’ve covered almost everything I can think of. Does Akshardham temple count, since it’s rather new? Nice place to send a day at. And Appu Ghar. 🙂 The zoo. Can’t remember any more at the moment. Will write them down as and when I can recall them.Oh and anytime I’m in Delhi and you’re going, let me know. I’ll tag along. I need to go to most of these places too. Been to half of them, but as a kid.


  2. more places that u should surely visit :-Jama MasjidOld Delhi havelisMehrauli archaeological park (first city of del from seven cities : lal kot and other areas)Tughlakabad ruinsSalimgarh fort (not to do it alone)Delhi RidgeWalk from JNU to QutabWalk through bylanes of old del, inluding all major bazarsMirza Ghalib HaveliDelhi ZooGarden of five senseAkshardham (do watch sound and light show)Sound and light show at old fort and Red fortHauz Khas ruins sunday morning book market at daryaganj followed by a movie at Delite theatre (u will surprised on how much good the theatre is in the age of multiplexes)and if u r adventurous then Majnu ka tila and the yamuna bank arnd it (its filthy but carry lot of history though wont recomment u going alone) also now the festival season starting, dont miss the cultural shows across del like foolwalon ki sair etc……and yeah i have made the list keeping in the mind ur new found love for photography 🙂 i guess this shows how much i love this city 🙂


  3. Wow! I wanna see all these places too.Seriously R, what you’re doing is awesome and highly inspirational!Please keep it up, it makes me happy that there are still some people who respect history. Awesome!Waiting for India, my home!


  4. I tried to post a comment thrice yesterday and failed. I hope you generally roam around the city (specially old delhi) and discover new things. I discovered Anupam PVR like that, but that’s another story…


  5. SwetankOh of course Akshardham counts. Added. :)Not Appu Ghar ‘coz I went there some 3-4 years ago and considering that I’m not so much of a fan of rides, I’ll skip it. Not even the zoo…until I have a better camera at least.And ok. You let me know when you’re here, and I’ll let you know when I’m venturing out. 🙂TaniaI’ve seen Jama Masjid from outside but from your comment it seems like I’m missing something. So I’ll add it to my list too. Thanks. :)I’ve been to India Gate often enough. Passed by it every day on my way to college for 3 years too. 🙂DKALL HAIL THE KING!Ok, so the responsibility of taking me to the places that you say I should not go to alone falls onto your shoulders. I’m sure you don’t mind(?):DThis comment of yours goes into my hall of fame. And it’s flagged too. I’ll make sure that I keep marking off these places one by one. :-)No doubt that you love the city. RohitCool.Silver MistThanks so much. Happy to know that people appreciate it too. :-)’India, my home’ will take time but it will definitely be here one day.SubhadipI tried calling you thrice today evening and failed.What’s your PVR Anupam story, Yoda? Luke’s curious.KarthikHuh?


  6. I have read this post several times and every single time it makes me homesick. So I shall refrain from bawling my eyes out here. Aarbee, you have fun Delhi-ing, ok?


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