11 thoughts on “Deadly”

  1. That’s why they say school is so different. Hmph.By the way, TV and majority of the advertising works only because of the older people. Stop wondering what they go through. They’ve made it what they have.. of course, not forgetting, radio is a tad better.


  2. RohitNow I know man! :/I don’t care. I was referring to the people who got to see better stuff in their days. Now you listen…you’re in the same business now. So better make good stuff. Yeah yeah I know you’ll be doing copy but even so. From now on you’re responsible for all ads – good and bad. Bas!


  3. INTOLERABLE ads….Yeah, they are really intolerable sometimes…I am glad to know about comment you received for division.:-DAnd, I’ll visit your world of pictures just after this.


  4. Weekly Fuchsia dose… hehe I got mine.. happy 🙂 Ajkal ye mood swings and bad moods ka mela laga hua hai shayad… I am still watching the haveli ki pics … its been over 4 hours now 😀


  5. hmm…wonder why girls are so bad at maths? :Padvertisements are just a nuisance! you shouldnt bt thinkin bout it too much..just let it be!stay happy!tc


  6. RohitHmm…SinjiniWhy’re you glad about the comments that I got? :OSilver MistHmm. Hoping.DKNope, the clouds were way too heavy.ReetaHmm. I really need to visit the haveli soon, it seems. Then I can also look at its pictures for hours at end. 🙂WackoWonder why men like you are so dumb!


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