Will Somebody Grow Up, PLEASE?

8 thoughts on “Will Somebody Grow Up, PLEASE?”

  1. MF! :DAnyway, serious post. Hm.I’ll start with the basics. It wa Nitin?! :O I thought it was some small time RJ from the North-east. I can’t say I didn’t expect this of him — I hardly know anything about the guy. But people have certainly got to learn to be more careful about what they say when they speak at such a platform. Yeah, it does show how deeply racist tendencies are entrenched in our society.Then, yeah, you’re right, the ‘protests’ are getting out of hand. I sometimes get a feeling that the rule of law (that’s not to say that there was any rule of law in the first place, but anyway!) has literally been replaced by the rule of mob. People are just ready to burn buses and vandalise public property at the drop of a hat. It’s insane! Then there are the cases of petty criminals being brutally beaten up by the mob. What’s that about? To see new blindings happen once again after about 20 years is disgusting! What’s the psychology behind this? It could very well be the result of decades of living under a non-functional system, but does that really justify such anarchy? I wonder. I see CPM rallies almost everyday against the new retail chains. I doubt if any of those sneering faces that I see so often in the protesting crowds belong to any of the ‘real’ affected roadside peddlers. And how come nobody in the party ever points out that these retail chains are actually a boon to the farmers. How come they choose to skip the point that after generations of being exploited, the farmer is finally getting his due — a fair market.Coming to Karunanidhi’s comment. I don’t like the man; hell, if I found him on the street, I’d pelt him with stones. But I’d hardly wanna do that because of his comment. I personally don’t see the comment as an issue, but then that’s because of my views on religion. It’s one thing to mock an entire race of people (especially a race that, as it is, is so insecure in a country that harbours subliminal prejudices against them), but to question the existence of a ‘God’ doesn’t deserve the sort of furore (I don’t agree that there weren’t enough protests. There were, perhaps, more protests than the issue deserved) it raised. Numerous times you might have called Ram/Krishna/Ganesha/Shiva mythological characters. So, isn’t that as bad as questioning their existence — associating the word ‘myth’ with them?And how vehemently did you protest when cartoons mocking Prophet Mohammed were published?


  2. The “joke” was totally uncalled for; at the same time, this method of protest cannot be right!Funny, I wrote a post about racism and this happens. Maybe I should write a post on world peace.


  3. Racism is very deeply rooted in our society. Poor Nitin! When Amit Paul failed to become the third Indian Idol, there was a lot of violence in Shillong. Some people even beat up a particular group of people because they were suspected of backing Prashant Tamang! This is an excellent post.:-)One of ur bests.


  4. JayantYep, longest ever! :-)Yea, I too think that it is the non-functional system that has pushed people into acting like this and believing it to be immediate punishment. Sad it is for sure, but I really feel that at least NOW some people should straighten up their acts. About Karunanidhi…I hate him just the same. You’d pelt stones, I’d kill him. :DAbout the issue though – I just simply meant that it was concerning the sentiments of certain million people across the country. Whether it’s about a Hindu god or a mythological character who is worshipped was outside the purview of what I was trying to say. Actually, it is beyond my understanding too, but never mind that. Whatever yaar! It’s all a matter of faith. Why one religion should enforce the evidence of its existence on others is anyway something that I don’t get either.And oh yes, those protests were also something! Phew!SubhadipYep. World peace sounds good. Your post should have been up by now. 🙂SinjiniYes, and it’s a sad fact that we live with.I’m glad (and a little surprised) to know that you think it’s one of my best posts. But thanks nevertheless. 🙂TaniaScary it is!


  5. I had to read several online newspapers to fully understand the issue. How could Nitin have said this? What had gotten into the man?But then again, what got into everybody else that decided to protest in this fashion? It all comes down to the fact that a lot of people have a lot more time on their hands than they should.


  6. WoodsmokeI know. People have way too much time. Maybe they should be introduced to the world of blogging too. :)And I really don’t know why he said that! Was probably an innocent comment…but even so.


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