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  1. I am almost sure you will not miss the autos there! Of course, if you enjoy the price bargaining with the “bhaiyajis”, then it’s a different story :)They don’t show Metro Nation here in the erstwhile capital of India 😦 They do show NDTVGoodTimes though :)Personally, moving from city to city (and villages and towns and nowhere) has always given me fresh perspective about other cultures, way of living, not to mention, has given me new friends! I am sure you will enjoy the venture out of your comfort zone – Delhi!


  2. movving across cities is good, you learn a lot as subbu mentioned……….so go ahead and enjoy your time out there in pune….its a beautiful city…….btw i like metro nation….they have some decent shows and i follow couple of them…….food based ofcourse :Dtwo guys on highway (dhabas) highway on my plate, is one of my regular shows…..dont miss it much……..good show but i watch on ndtv good times


  3. Like Dada said, we don’t get to see NDTV Metro Nation in Kolkata. Being away from your city, your home…I have never known what that is like. Don’t think I’ll have to experience it for the next two years either. But, when I will reach such a stage, I’ll probably find myself writing a post similar to this one.Best of Luck for your new life!:-)You will get adjusted pretty soon and before you know it, time will pass and you will come back to Delhi again!Where are you going, btw?


  4. @DeepsOh yeah… “highway on a plate” that’s a nice show! Nice style, although I am not a big fan of the camera angles. The anchors are good.The other foodie shows like “Chef and his better half”, “High spirits”, and the one featuring the sommelier are nice but average.


  5. You might even be reading the same thing about that place when you’ll be almost done. Guess things happen to us so we miss them later… here’s wishing you an eventful time there!


  6. And erm… I haven’t really been following television as much (who am I kidding there) but the last time I saw NDTV Metro Nation… I think I kinda flipped after 5 minutes. Not really a fan of the kind of television D and Da are talking about, but I must mention that one of the anchors there.. is so tragic looking even a tasty sounding dish would seem like trash.Ignore this comment, people. I am at work.


  7. B. O’HemianNo, I don’t bargain and negotiate. So I guess you’re right, I might not miss them. Actually, I will miss the autos, not the auto-waalas. :)I don’t watch much of Good Times. Wine tasting n all is not my kinda stuff. :DYou’re right, it’s the comfort zone that I am finding too hard to leave. But then, I am sure I too will learn a lot once I step out. Let’s see.DKHmm… I hope I enjoy it.Of course. If you won’t follow the food shows then who will. 😀SinjiniI am guessing they still haven’t made one for Kolkata. Maybe they will soon. Here in Delhi it seems to be doing well. Yea, there’s a first time for everyone. Thanks for all the wishes. :)I am going to Pune for my post graduation.RohitI guess. Thanks! :)Yes, we’re ignoring the second comment. Chill. 🙂


  8. MetroNation is fun! and the guy who hosts U Special is really cute. Tahir is the name. :-)I haven’t been here in very long. Leaving delhi? How, when, where? For postgraduation i’m guessing.


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