I Made Friends

7 thoughts on “I Made Friends”

  1. Wow!! Just 1 month. Mera toh 1 year and 1 month ho gaya..And already the ‘leaving-college-nostalgia’ feeling has begun to creep upon me :(Richa, looks like you got a great gang there.. I envy you the 2 years of mad MBA type fun you’re gonna have!! :DStay happy.. TC


  2. IshaniOh.. that feeling! I am glad it’s a little far for me. But you cherish every moment too. šŸ™‚SwetankHehe.. thanks.SubhadipSunflowers nahi, zerberas hain. I buy a couple for my room everytime I go to the city.No competition for you. Aapki space intact hai.Karan:)Yea, just about met. šŸ™‚RohitDo read. It’s fun. Saw some real cool stuff done with it by others.Campus is super pretty without a doubt.AmiyašŸ˜€


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