Restored Sanity

7 thoughts on “Restored Sanity”

  1. Arre apparently it traces the history of the toilet from birth till date. And they have this collection of shit pots from the times of king Louis the XIVth till today. Avan went. Sounds interesting. :DAnd we almost wanted to participate in the pink chaddi campaign. Just that it was a little difficult to associate with the concept because of the character definition of it.


  2. It’s a wonder how much some hours of sleep in the room (and not the classroom) can do… I slept a good 10 hours after a millenium… Heaven doesn’t begin to describe it!!And where near Dwarka is the toilet museum?!?


  3. DKOh… matlab aapne dekha hai. How’s it?? 🙂ShreyaOh man! Tell me about it!! I don’t know exactly where this museum is. Just heard that it is close to the airport. Will find out and let you know. 🙂


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