The Fairy Tale Girl

6 thoughts on “The Fairy Tale Girl”

  1. I've been speechless since I read this, this morning.I'm very blessed to have a few like you in my life and no matter what happens, I'd love to be around, supply you with junk food, take stunning pictures of the 'hot' you, give you a hug in the mornings and research for more scuba sites!Although I might not say it as often as I should – onek love for you Doggggu! 🙂


  2. Swetha,Yaar tumhara hot thoda sa risky tha. ;)Akshay,Well, you've said that now. Thank you. :)Priyam,Bhai don't supply me with more junk food. Halat kharaab hai. Stunning pictures, yes, yes – in dire need of a new picture for Facebook.And here goes your html heart – <3Smita,Well, thank you. 🙂


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