Feels like BFF :)

7 thoughts on “Feels like BFF :)”

  1. :)So strange how we made the best of friendships atop that lonely hill.I read your post and got reminded of the laughter. In the car. And how you guys wanted to stop at the ice-cream shop while I was barefoot. God Bless Vivek Bhaiya!


  2. This was an 'aw' post. Never thought anyone would do a post for me 🙂 Just came back to the civilisation so took me sometime to read this. This is beautiful. ~Hugs~ This is a super emo moment for me :)I agree with you. We manage to continue from where we left. And it is amazing how it never feels like we were away.


  3. btw andaman was splendid. was wondering while i was diving if lahaul was better or this. but i realised that it would be unfair to even compare. they are marvelously different experiences. barefoot was just plain awesome.


  4. 🙂 I am glad you like it. *big fat hug!!*I know what you mean. Cannot compare Andaman and Lahaul. They are both incredible in completely different ways!


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