A lot of things are beyond comprehension nowadays… # How people survive this cold without warm clothes # How Comparative Economic Development as a subject of study came into being # How people get swayed by others’ opinions # How most socialist writers of the 20th century had a rheotorical tone throughout # Why it … Continue reading ???

In The Air

I discovered a new method of raising the energy level today. I was surprised by the results but was definitely more than happy to accept them. It is something as simple as JUMPING. I usually do a lot of jumping around but that is very different from what I did today. That is when I … Continue reading In The Air

The Current List

…of 10 things that make me happy. I made such a list about a year ago and am doing it again. I had to undo the state of mind and the post that happened last night. This took a little effort but still works. Thanks Sayani Di for introducing me to this technique. # Faisal … Continue reading The Current List