AB Again

So what if Gurukant Desai didn’t look hot? He looked cute in his younger years. And the man has some personality to be what he was! I liked everyone’s acting in the movie. Ms To-be-Bachchan was also ok. Approved! And Bachchan of course is still hot. 😛 Continue reading AB Again

It Works

This is something that I had cut out of a newspaper quite a few years ago.I think I am digging up a lot of stuff nowadays but at times, it feels good to go back to certain things. The reason why they were saved was to make me feel good on a later date.# The … Continue reading It Works

Happy Lohri

Today was a long day. With a mere 4 hours of sleep last night, I was up at 4:00 a.m. There was more of Economic Systems to study. And at the end of it, I felt that I wasn’t really in too bad a state. But the bloody luck! I blanked out during the exam. … Continue reading Happy Lohri

What is it…

…That makes you happy and smiling …That you don’t need company for …That you can do or use at any time and any day …That you like going back to …That you forget works for you It’s dancing for me.What about you? Continue reading What is it…