14 thoughts on “"budum-bum-bisshh"”

  1. RohitWas hoping for your vote on that one. :)And…ahem…good habits? Hmmm. They’re usually naturally inherent. πŸ˜›Yeah, running as fast as I can.ReetaThank you. :)Clever way of making you leave a comment, right? :PThe pleasure was mine. And glad to have you here too. πŸ™‚TaniaI’ll have to confess, the answer got influenced by your Parikrama story. πŸ™‚WoodsmokeHehe..glad you did. I think I understand why you didn’t like the monument wala response but I got a feeling that I would make for a boring monument if that ever happened. Nothing against monuments here. I myself like quite a few of them. :)Waiting for your post.


  2. Very interesting post.If I were a question, then I would be: followed by another questionandIf I were a religion, I would be: musicNice.And lmao, you “cow”!!Why boring monument?


  3. AmiyaOk, trying to leave that comment again. :)Why, is it hard for you to imagine me as a pretty cow? Damn, I killed it. And told ya the monument thingi too.ChitrangadaHi. Yeah, I guess I should have told you. Chalo koi nahi..glad you still came and liked my post. πŸ™‚


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