On A Happy Note

9 thoughts on “On A Happy Note”

  1. The pics are nice… see, I keep telling yourself that you’ve got a nice camera (apart from a good eye for spotting pic opportunities).And as far as being a staff is concerned, I don’t know of too many staffs who lean on the ‘leaner’. (That’s a bad pun!!) 😀


  2. ShadyI know you keep telling me, but I like it when yourself says it too. :PI think my staff’s started liking me. Myself is very likable you see. 😀


  3. Good stuff there. I guess my camera would just stop responding the next time I take it on (waiting for that time though) – been so frikkin’ long. Keep clicking. And here’s taking the opportunity to wish you a new year full of reasons to blog about only good things coming your way.


  4. RohitThanks. Yes, it does seem to be really long since you touched your camera. I’m just glad you updated your blog. Thanks for the wishes too. And I know you might not blog about it, but I hope you have a lot of reasons to be happy in the new year too. 🙂WoodsmokeThanks. Aapko bhi. 🙂


  5. B. O’HemianI doubt aapne five years mein bhi utni pictures li hongi! Didn’t I recently put up a Sony + Shady product on this blog? You’ll have to wait for some time for the next one. Next year, pakka! 😀


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